Initial Configuration

To make it quick and easy to find your planning assessments, we suggest you create a category that will be used to store them.

Suggested names for this category:

  • Planning Assessment
  • Weekly Reflection 
  • Activity Evaluations

Only the "Manager" users can create new categories. Learn how in this article.

How to assess your planning

To evaluate your planning, and thus see if it has fulfilled its educational purpose for the week, all you need to do is

Step 1 - Find your Planning (to find out how to consult information, see this article)

Step 2 - Click on the three little magic dots

Step 3 - Select the option "Assess"

step 4 - You will open an Observation Log with the Parameters proposed by you. By doing so, you will have the opportunity to fill in the Register, but already with the parameters and the Group to which this Observation/Assessment refers.

To know how to make a Observation see this article.

Step 5 - Add your plan evaluation to the category you defined before. Later you will be able to find your plans very quickly :)

If you need to learn how to use Categories see this article

Search the planning assessment

If you did step 4 (add the evaluation to the chosen category) in the previous section, it will now be very easy to find your planning assessment.

Step 1 - Go to your classroom

Step 2 - Choose the option "categories

Step 3 - Click on the category you have used to store your planning evaluation

Step 4 - If necessary filter by date :)