To create substantiated observations, all you need to do is:

Step 1 - In the “Pencil” icon, select the option “Observation”

Step 2 - Choose who you observed

Step 2 - To create rich observation records, you can:

  • Add a title
  • Add photos, videos or documents by selecting on your folder or simply dragging them  
  • Add descriptions and edit the text to create, for example, photo captions
  • Decide if parents can see the observation (Parents can see: Yes/No)
  • Add curriculum tags to your observation 
  • Define next steps
  • Create individual observations, for multiple children, or for the whole group
  • Copy an observation from a child to another
  • Rearrange the position of the elements (description, attachments, titles) in the arrows available in the upper right corner

Step 4 - Decide if the Curricular Parameters of this register will be visible for the families 

Step 5- If necessary, disable the possibility for families to comment on the share.

Once you finish your observation, simply click “Save” and you’re done! :-)


Don’t forget that you can save your observation as “draft” and finish it or change it later (check this article).


It’s as if ChildDiary is giving you the “old” card sheets where you can stick your photos, videos, audios and write in multiple places!

ChildDiary tip: You can make the same entry for more than one child. Simply select a small group of children and choose to have the sharing for the family done separately.