All your records can be a way to communicate with Families WITH access.

It is the Education Professional who decides if they want to share and what content they want to share with families. Just select Yes/No in the option "Parents can see" when creating the Observation.

This way, you can send messages directly to the relatives WITH access of one child, several children, the whole Group or, in the case of Managers, to all the relatives with access. 

Other ways to communicate with families are:

  1. The Observation Logs
  2. Assessments
  3. Planning
  4. Events where you can ask parents for permission
  5. Daily Routines where you can even send messages to parents

Through the Seen By Report you will always know, quickly, if the information shared has been seen by families and, through the comments you can give freedom to Families WITH access to participate in the day-to-day of their children, and this will always be your choice ;-)