The Learning Journal is an organised and intentional compilation of evidence that documents the development and learning of the child over time.

It is an evaluation strategy which responds to the specific characteristics of evaluation in kindergarten and nursery school.

The Learning Journal makes it possible to access multiple sources of evidence (of learning, of interests and needs of the child) to look at and document the child's learning process and plan and act accordingly.

In ChildDiary you can build individual, group and institution learning journals, with the added value that the same evidence documents several portfolios at the same time, without duplicating work or time.

So every time you make a Group Entry, the platform automatically copies it to the Learning Journal of every child in that group.

The Coordination/Direction should create the Category "Portfolio" that will be the same for the whole Institution. To learn how to create categories see this article.

The Manager should creat the Category "Learning Journal" that will be the same for the whole Institution. To learn how to creat categories see this article.

The Learning Journal can be built by:

1. Observations

To know how to create a Observation see this article

You should put in the observation the Category "Learning journal whenever you want.

To find out how to consult Learning Journals see this article.