To make a grid assessment, simply do the following:


  1. In the pencil icon, select the option “Assessment”
  2. Choose the child to assess
  3. Click on  “Next”
  4. Select the cucurriculum (Aistear or Siolta, depending on which one you use the most on your observations)
  5. Choose the time period you wish to assess
  6. Click on “Next”

  1. Choose the option “Grid assessment”

  1. Type the title of the assessment (eg. 1st period assessment
  2. Review the collected evidences clicking on the green boxes    

            a) While checking you can decide if the evidence was acquired, emerging, or not acquired yet

  1. Additionally, you can select the option “”Add appreciation” and include any additional relevant information

  1. Type your general appreciation (optional)
  2. Include the category that you wish, e.g. Assessments, Individual Plan,...
  1. Choose if you want to share with the parent or not in the option “Parents can see”

          a) You can also make it visible for parents later, by editing the document

  1. Click on “Save”

When you print the document, the assessment will be printed in a grid format.