What they are?

Observations are a tool that can be used to make your documentation. 

Similar to Microsoft Word, Google Docs, ... you can create documents with titles, text, photos, videos and more!


What I can do with the Observations

  • Articulate the logs with your curricular parameters

           a) See this article for how to add pedagogical intentionality to your records

  • Assess the Planning 

           a) To know how to assess your planning see this article

  • To do the pedagogical reflection

           a) See this article to know how to make your pedagogical reflection

  • Setting Next Steps
  • Creating Observation Logs for individuals, several children or the whole group
  • Changing Record after saving 

           a) To learn how you can save drafts of your logs see this article

  • Document different types of records with multiple elements of your choice throughout the record

How to make Observations

Check out this article to learn how to make records :)