What the Schemes are for

In ChildDiary schemes can be used to automatically account for periods during the day that children are assigned to and you need to account their time separately.

For instance, in Ireland, childcare providers are required to report hours of attendance for the Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Scheme.

ChildDiary can assign hours to each scheme automatically for you, saving time and resources.

Who can configure the Components 

Only the management profile can configure the Components your institution has. You can create as many as you need.

How to configure the components

To configure the Schemes for your institution you can:

Step 1 - Access the "three bars" menu found in the red bar at the top of your application

Step 2 - Select the "Schemes" option

Step 3 - Create a "New Scheme"

Step 4 - Fill in the fields that make sense. Save all at the end.

  • Name
  • Select the days 
  • Set the time for each day or the same for all days

How to associate Schemes to children

Now you need to associate Schemes with each child. To do this, you just need to have an Educator profile and:

Step 1 - In the "People" Area, select the child you want.

Step 2 - Select the option "Edit" the child's details

Step 3 - Select "Schemes" option

Step 4 - Associate a Scheme to the child

Step 5 - Now you can:

  • Select the Scheme you want for the child
  • Put the external identifier (the child's individual file number)
  • Select the time period the child will attend this Scheme
  • Save

How to check the attendance of children in the Schemes

You can check your child's attendance at the Scheme to which he or she is associated by consulting the Attendance Reports. Here we can see the days and times that the child has attended , for example,  in the morning scheme.

In order to do this, you must:

Step 1 - Go to the "History" of your classroom

Passo 2- No fundo da página, selecione a opção "Relatório de Presenças"

Step 3 - Select the child or room you want to generate this report for

Passo 4 - Escolha o período de tempo que quer consultar e selecione "procurar"

Step 5 - Make "Schemes" visible in the report

Step 6 - You can consult:

  • on the first line: the time the child stayed in the institution in total
  • on the second line: the time the child stayed, for example, in the morning Scheme

Step 7 - If you need to and if you are on a computer, you can export this report in an excel file