What to do with children who have left?

In the list of children, you should click on the "delete" button in front of each child

To know what happens to deleted Profiles, see this article.

How to change children's room?

In the list of children, click on the "edit" button on each child's card and in the group field just click and choose the new group to which the child will belong.

To know how to make this change, see this article.

What if I want to change several children at the same time?

Step1 - In the list of groups, edit the old room

Step 2 - Select all associated children you want to remove

Step 3 - Choose the option "remove children from the group"

Step 3 - Edit the new room

Step 4 - Choose the children you want to associate to the new room

Step 5 - Select the option "add children to group

What about the educators?

The educator can either change his/her profile for the new room (settings > profile > group) or wait for the Director of Education to make the change. In the second case it will be necessary to log out and log back in again.