The Curricculum Report allows you to see at a glance which areas of your Curriculum you have worked on.

With the Curriculum Report you can choose:

  • Your name to see everything you have done with your group
  • A child to see everything you have done for that child

To view the Curriculum Report simply:

Step 1 - Select the "History" option.

Step 2 -  Choose "Curriculum Report".

Step 3 -  Select who you want to reflect on (yourself or a child)

Step 4 -  Set the reflection period

Step 5 -  Press "Search".

  • The "arrows", allow us to explore the curriculum parameters
  • The "coloured dots", are an indicator of how much you have observed in a particular area
  • The "numbers", represent how many times the curriculum parameters has been used in your documents
  • The "green buttons" show the observation records that have been made with the curriculum parameters 
    • By clicking on the green buttons you can view the observations you have made using that curriculum parameters