One of the features we have been asked for now that we are all working remotely is to be able to communicate in and with the team.

To share resources, documents or ideas between colleagues, we've put together some alternatives for team communication:

Communicate with the whole team

  1. The Manager creates a Group
    1. e.g. "Team Room" or "Directors Office" or "Assistants Room".
  2. The Manager adds a dummy child to that group
    1. We suggest that the name starts with the letter "Z" so it doesn't get in the middle of your list of children
    2. Example: Z-Child Educators Room
  3. The Manager adds each member of your team to the Group created in step 1 
    1. if you don't know how to add more than one Group to a team member see this article)

In the group created in step 1, the pedagogical team can:

  • Send Messages
  • Share Observations and Plans
  • Hold team meetings
  • if you don't know how to schedule a video call see this article
  • Comment on colleagues' shares
  • Consult the information shared with this Group
  • (to know how to consult information see this article


  • All this in private because there are no parents associated with the fictitious child.
  • In this group you will not receive any notifications, so you should consult the information

Communicating with certain staff members only

To communicate only with some team members, the Manager must select the Group(s) that the Educators they want to communicate with belong to, and select the option "No" under "Parents can see", for example, to create a meeting with only one Educator:

  1. Go to "Event"
  2. Choose the option "Create event".
  3. Select the Group the Educator belongs to
  4. Select the "Yes" option under "Include video call
  5. Select "No" on "Parents can watch".
  6. Save and you're done :-)