This guide explains step by step what you need to do to use it in your classroom only. It is a resource for educators who want to use it without involving the whole institution.

If you want to use ChildDiary involving more than one room in your institution, please use our other guide for that purpose.

Create your account

Whether you use it individually or implement it in your institution, you will first need to create your ChildDiary account.

If you already have an account created, log into your account and go to step 2:

ChildDiary: Digital Platform for Childcare Providers 

If you do not yet have an account, visit the link below and then return to this guide:

Try ChildDiary for Free 

Create your group

Your group represents your classroom. It is to your group that you can add your children:

Add the children in your class

In this step you are just creating the private profile of each child. Later you can add for each child their parents.

Messages, logs, routines, ...

ChildDiary is a very complete tool for education professionals. 

You will be able to do the following:

  • Send messages to parents
  • Share photos, videos, documents, ...
  • Record daily routines (attendance, eating, ...)
  • Create contextualised records that feed into their pedagogical reflection, planning and evaluation
  • Planning activities and learning objectives
  • Reflect on and evaluate the children in your classroom
  • Create the class diary
  • Organising and consulting each child's information
  • And much more...!

In this step we want you to explore your account and try out some of the registrations described above.

As you haven't added any education enc. yet only you will have access to any experience you do :)

Messages, logs, routines,  Adicione os Familiares COM acesso à ChildDiaryInvite the Families
Invite the families

Invite the Families

It's time to send an invitation to Families WITH access to ChildDiary, who you can consider as the guardians of each child.

A few notes:

  • You only need the name and email of each person
  • Once added as an account holder they will receive an email with instructions on how to activate their account
  • Each child can have multiple logged-in family members
  • Even if you have added Family Members you can choose not to share some records

What if you need help?

We are very dedicated and want to help all ChildDiary users. 

Some resources:

  1. Our help centre
  2. Our "Help" button