What profiles can a member of the team have

  • Manager: Has access to all the Groups and all the children. He can add team members
  • Educator: Has access to the information of the children in his groups
  • Assistant: Only has access to the Daily Routines, the Calendar of the Groups he/she belongs to, and the Messages (if so defined in the Profile)

The professional category does not have to equal the type of profile Within ChildDiary

How to add team members

Only users with the "Manager" profile can add or change new members

Only user with the "Manafer" profile can add or chage new members

Step 1 - Select the Group that the new user will have access to

Step 2 -  Select "+ New user"

Step 3 -  Fill in the data of the new user

  • Name
  • Email
  • Language
  • Profile
  • Group

Step 4 -  Select the new user's Profile

Step 5 -  Save


  • The new user will receive an email with instructions on how to activate the account
  • To add an Educator/Assistant to multiple Groupsee this article.
  • If an error appears when adding a staff member, check that the user has not been deleted. To do that see this article