Families with access to ChildDiary will have access to a digital portfolio of their children.

By accessing their accounts, they will have access to everything that has been shared by the Institution with their children.

Logged-in family members will be able to view:

  1. Their children's daily routines
    1. who dropped them off or picked them up
    2. the hygiene record 
    3. what they have eaten and if they have eaten everything
    4. when they took naps
    5. the activities they took part in
    6. if there was any fever or any alteration
    7. notes on any material they may need to take to the Institution
  2. Messages sent by the Educator or Institution Manager with messages or circulars, for example.
  3. Observation Records with pedagogical content that the Educator shares with the Families With access:
    1. They will have access to photographs or videos captured in their child's school day. 
  4. Periodic Assessements, whenever they are shared by the Educator. It will no longer be necessary to print evaluations and pedagogical documentation
  5. The daily planning of your child's school day
  6. Events created by the Educator or coordinator that target your child, being able to authorise a study visit, for example, directly on the platform
  7. Parents' meetings directly on the platform through Events

The families can also comment on the contents shared with you (whenever the Educator understands it) and send messages to the Educator that only he/she will have access.