Search by child profile

Step 1 - Choose the Group the child belongs to

Step 2 -  Select the "People" option

Step 3 -  Select the child

Step  4 -  Press "View"

Search by Classroom

Step 1 -  Choose the Group you wish to search

Step 2 -  Select the "History" option

Step 3 -  Choose the type of document you want to view (Messages, Evaluations, Logs, etc...)

Using one of the two previous options, you can do advanced searches:

Step 2 -  Select the Group to which the child belongs

Step 3 -  Select the "People" option

Step 4 -  Choose the child you want and select the option "View"

Step 5 -  Apply the filters to view the information you are looking for

Step 6 -  Click on "Search"

Search by Categories

Step 1 - Select the Categories option within a room

Step 2 - Search for the Category you want