What are events?

How many times during the year does a teacher have to inform the parents of an important date (parents' meeting, Christmas party, etc.), ask for permission for field trip or for an extra-curricular activity? We know that there are many of them...

Events are therefore a simple way of

  • Organise pedagogical activities
  • Manage and schedule meetings and extra-curricular activities with families

Events are automatically organised in the educators' calendar and parents can see the response from parents quickly and easily. Parents only see the events to which they are invited and can respond with a "yes" or "no" button.

What type of events can I create?

Depending on the grade you are in, the type of events can also be different, so we give you some examples


  • Scheduling of Individual Parents Meeting for evaluations delivery
  • Scheduling and conducting Parent's Meeting or with Children (in case of confinement or physical absence from school) online (no limit of participants and time)
  • Scheduling of Annual events/activities (Christmas party, Fathers/Mothers Day ...)
  • Scheduling dates or periods of closure of the institution (Christmas, summer holidays)
  • Gathering of permission or intention to participate in events such as: Music demonstration class for babies, training for parents with a Speech Therapist, etc.


  • School Year Schedule
  • Scheduling of parents meeting (individual or group)
  • Scheduling and participation in Parent or Child Meetings (in case of confinement or physical absence from school) Online (no time limit nor participants)
  • Collecting Applications for Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Gathering Parents' permission for Field Trips
  • Collecting parental permission for participation in demonstration activities, e.g. Children's Yoga, Zumba, Photographer's Christmas visit, etc.
  • Scheduling of Annual Events/Activities (St. Martin's Celebration, Christmas Party, Anniversary of the institution, etc)
  • Scheduling of closing dates or periods of the institution (Christmas, summer holidays)
  • ...

Primary Education

  • Tests/Evaluation Sheets scheduling (and possibility of content or Manual pages description in the description)
  • School Year calendar and scheduling of School Holidays
  • Scheduling dates or periods of closure of the institution (Christmas, summer holidays)
  • Scheduling parent meeting (individual or group)
  • Scheduling and participation and Parents or Children Meeting (in case of confinement or physical absence from school) Online (no time limit nor participants)
  • Scheduling of PAA events/activities (St. Martin's Day, Christmas party, ...)
  • ...

Who can create events

These events can be created by the Manager for all classrooms, or only for classrooms OR by the classroom Educator/Teacher.

Each event in the calendar can be for "all", for one class, for several classes, for a small group of children or for one child only.

How to create events

Step 1- Click on the ‘Pencil’ option and choose the ‘Events’ option.

Step 2- Choose the Group or child to which the Event refers

Note: If you want to create an event for more than one group, select the ‘All’ group and select the groups you need.

Step 3- Don't forget you can share with your parents and you can also put the Event in Categories

Step 4 - Save and you're done ;-)

Events with video calls

To learn how to include a video call in your event check out this article

Edit family member event responses

Only the Management and Educator profiles can edit a family member's response to the event, to rectify any necessary changes.

To do this, simply:

Step 1 - Enter the Group History.

Step 2 - Select the "View" option of the events

Step 3 - Search for the desired event

Step 4 - Select the option "Edit answers" next to the name of the child you want

Step 5 - Change the answer