ChildDiary helps reduce the time spent on all the paperwork while improving parental involvement.

You can share various types of information with families:

  • Circulars, notices, menus, ... (the focus of this article)
  • Record of daily routines (very useful for the nursery)
  • Observation records (which can be articulated with the Curriculum Parameters...)
  • Evaluation reports (evidence-based and child-centred)
  • Planning
  • Invitations for meetings, extra-curricular activities, ...

Messages are used to share more general information not necessarily associated with pedagogical activities (circulars, notices, menus, ...).

Management/Coordination can choose to communicate privately with families only, without the rest of the team knowing. See this article to find out how

The "Manager" profile can choose to communicate privatelywith families only, with the rest of the team knowing. See this article to find out how

To send a Message must:

Step 1- After logging into your account, in the menu choose the "pencil" icon and then "message"

Step 2- Select the children or classroom

You can choose:

  1. One or more children for individual messages;
  2. A group to record a message that will be sent to all the children in that room;
  3. In the case of educators with more than one room under their responsibility, ‘All’ to send the same message to all the rooms they have access to.

Step  3- Let your imagination run wild ;-)

  • You can add photos, videos or files. As the saying goes "a picture is worth a 1000 words".
  • Describe what you want to share
  • Edit your text:
    • Justify text (centre, right or left);
    • Apply bold, italic or underline;
    • Set the text size: very large, large, normal and small;
    • Change the colour;
    • Include hyperlinks.

Step  4 - Define whether the message is to be followed in separate shares or not. 

Step 5- If necessary, disable the possibility for families to comment on the share.


Press the "save" button to finish your message.

The parents of the selected children will receive a notification.

Finally, it might be useful to organize the "menus" or "circulars" in a folder, so we recommend you use the categories to organize all the entries :-)